Staging Projects | A New Vision Sells

Written by: Dena Landon

Photography by: Robert Socha

See how Kaja Bolton’s new vision transforms this Hoboken home and sells BIG by bringing functionality to long and narrow living area.

When it came time for the sellers of this modern, contemporary, apartment to list, they knew they’d only use Kaja Bolton’s services. Having already done several transactions with her, they trusted her expertise and good eye to get them top dollar. But even though Kaja calls it, “one of the coolest, most unique properties I’ve ever sold,” it had some challenges.

The long, narrow living room limited furniture placement, and the way the sellers had it set up didn’t help. Everything was squeezed into the room’s end by the bottom of their stairs, which made the cool room feel deep and dark and didn’t show off the gorgeous wall of windows leading to the patio.



It immediately reassured the owners when Kaja stepped in with “a vision and a compelling plan to sell the property.” She moved their large, U-shaped couch, playpen, and TV out and began working her staging magic.

To her, the key was to “use the entire length of the room so you felt the space.” Three mirrors against the wall elongated the space and tied together double couches. They also reflected light into the room’s deeper recesses, keeping it airy and inviting.


Double coffee tables with open, brass rectangular shapes and natural wood tops made great use of the room’s long and narrow aspect while also adding warmth. Brass accents on candlesticks, sculptures, and the mirror’s frames created a cohesive vibe. Texture on the poofs added interest to a neutral palette that allowed any buyer to see themselves living there.

After Kaja’s staging, the open floor plan felt like a place where a family could gather and spread out, the parents making dinner in the kitchen while the kids lounged on the couches or played out on the patio. She turned the open floor plan and large rectangular space into an asset. As the sellers put it:

Kaja understands what works for the given property and maximizes its appeal.

Kaja waited to list until she had the apartment staged. The apartment ended up getting multiple offers, and the living room drew a lot of interest. It sold for $137.87 more per square foot the unit directly above it, listed during the same timeframe.



It sold for $137.87 more per square foot than the unit directly above it sold for in the same timeframe.


 The results speak for themselves, working with an expert stager like Kaja increases your profit.
If it’s time to sell and you want to get the best value, reach out to Kaja today.