On My Radar | Four Tips to Bring Nature Indoors

Written by: Dena Landon

Photography by: Robert Socha


“Here in NJ, the weather doesn’t always allow for you to go out and seek nature,” Kara Kelly, of Naturalist Interiors, laments. “but, as humans, we all crave that connection.” So she and founder Serkan Yapicilar created Naturalist to help families, homeowners, and corporations bring nature inside.

If you’ve been craving that connection, here are four tips to bring nature indoors.

Pick Easy-care Plants

If you want to add live greenery to your space, she recommends ferns. “They love light and water,” she explains, so many homeowners find them indestructible. But if you want something even more low maintenance, try a moss planter or wall garden.

Preserved moss is another great selection because it doesn’t require water, soil, or sunlight, and yet looks beautiful and green on your dining room table. These custom-made installations work on a wall, in a corner of a tiny apartment, or as a display.

Keep Plants Visible but Out of Reach

If you have pets, it can be hard to figure out where to put a plant or planter. Your puppy might destroy that tabletop moss planter, and a crawling toddler could pull something down. But nature isn’t out of reach for a pet and baby-friendly home. Look up!

Clients have added Naturalist’s hanging gardens to bedrooms, living rooms, and entryways. According to Kara, “it is a detail their guests catch on the way out, as opposed to the way in, leaving a lovely final impression.” They’re maintenance free and safely out of reach of rambunctious puppies.

Add Natural Textures in Addition to Plants

The many textures in nature go beyond leaves and ferns, and each of them can deepen your home’s connection with the outdoors. Naturalist features tables made from walnut wood harvested from forest floors. This sustainable harvesting, “allows future generations of trees to thrive,” Kara says.

Naturalist fashions other pieces, like stools made from stumps or metal mirrors, from scrap materials from their production site, cutting down on waste.

Nature that’s Allergy-Free

Preserved moss and plants go through a process that removes the natural sap – which is where allergens live. Naturalist’s preservation process replaces it with a non-toxic glycerin solution, which also eliminates the need for photosynthesis. No allergens and nothing to attract bugs means that even if you spend the spring season sneezing, you can enjoy nature in your home.

Still craving a connection with nature?

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