On My Radar | Bathroom Design for Every Taste

Written by: Elyse O'Dwyer

Photography by: Shannon Dupre (DDReps)

Kate Susannah Home talks strategic design choices on her recent bathroom renovation projects, and the challenge to design for every taste.

Kate Susannah Home walked us through three recent bathroom renovations and the strategic choices made in her projects. Her work is clean but she’s not afraid to make a statement with thoughtful mixing of patterns, finishes and pops of color. While it is a challenge to design for every taste, Kate is happy to solve the problem.



This bathroom’s height and a skylight help to emphasize the bright crispness of the sleek subway tile throughout. The starburst tiling and the brass hardware bring in pops of fun and provide a timeless nod to vintage decor. 




Kate worked in a neutral color palette for her client’s classic tastes while adding interest with the the hexagonal tiled floor and herringbone pattern in the shower. The vanity matches the herringbone and brings an organic touch with the perfect clean shade of reclaimed oak.




This tiled statement wall matches the client’s green thumb and serves as a focal point while the dark flooring, curated hardware and exposed Edison bulbs bring in a industrial, masculine feel.


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