Featured Designers | A. Allande Interiors: This Must Be the Place

Written by: Elyse O'Dwyer

Photography by: Ryan M. Brown

Antoinette Allande Interiors unconventional approach to design met its match on this project inspired by her clients’ wedding song.

Antoinette of Antoinette Allande Interiors says that even if a design looks nice, its success is determined by an emotional reaction when you walk in. That’s why when she collaborates with a new client, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. “There’s a questionnaire, interviewing, reviewing images together, dissecting images, what do you like, what do you not like?”

If her client likes an image, Antoinette gets down to the specifics of which elements their most drawn to. She believes it’s important to have a full understanding of her client’s taste before she even begins her design process.


Framed Photos: J. Bennett Fitts


The project concept goes beyond aesthetic preferences,“I get inspired by seeing things they love, it could be music, or, in this case, where they’re at in life. Antoinette’s unconventional approach was evenly matched for a design project for two dear newlywed friends of hers. “I could see the way they decorated their wedding reception and feel their vibe.” However, their wedding song, This Must be the Place (originally by the Talking Heads) was where she drew her inspiration.

Antoinette’s goal was to bring their wedding song to life in their new home so their personality and love would be ever-present. As you look around this space, you can almost hear the music:


Home, is where I want to be

But I guess I’m already there

I come home, she lifted up her wings

Guess that this must be the place


Antoinette matched their fun, eclectic taste in spaces like the bookcase, which is lively without being overly busy, playing with colors, and materials like leather and wood, and accents like the shiny bowl and the chunky rug. To complete the room, the couple wanted a large piece of art, the abstract expressionist style painting was actually done by Antoinette herself.



The approach around artwork is very personal in Antoinette’s designs, and includes her client’s preference for different styles and sometimes even photography.Art can be very expensive, so if it’s not their passion, I won’t lead with that but if we can, I always push for it. She says she shows her clients before and after photos so they can see the transformative nature of a great piece of art. It can be very expensive, so I offer pretty good prices for a large piece of art.

The mixing of styles and vintage and modern pieces give life to the living room with its large-scale vintage style C-print photography, touches like the mid century vase, and other upscale items. I find the more you mix, the more interesting the space gets.” The throw pillows are a really fun find, “They’re vintage Kuba pillows. One of the artisans I work with, Makrosha, makes her own high-end fabrics and rugs, but also collects vintage fabrics and textiles and found these for me.”



High-end lighting brings the luxury with pieces from Arteriors and Circa Lighting. Antoinette’s motto when it comes to lighting is “go big or go home.” She saw the length of the ceiling space from living to the dining room and assured her clients that it needed to be filled. “You don’t really get a wow factor in a room when you use a little light, so go as big as you can get away with.” The black chandelier in the dining area doesn’t overtake, but it completes the room with a stunning statement piece to compliment the chandelier in the living room and the globes in the kitchen.


Framed Photos: J. Bennett Fitts


She uses texture to her advantage, adding dimension by filling the space with modern rugs and throws that give every room a relaxed and stylish vibe. In the bedroom, Antoinette chose a cork wallpaper with a little sparkle in it. “Texture I think is the secret sauce, you want to get a good variety in a room,” she says.


Framed Photos: J. Bennett Fitts


Now that her friends are having a baby in their beautiful new home, Antoinette says of the project, “It was nice to be able to connect with them at this point and create this loving place for them and start their new lives.”


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