About Town | Artwork That Speaks to You

Written by: Christine Broomhead

Photography by: Rober Socha & Vani Krishnamurthy

The right piece is essential to completing a space, but sometimes it doesn’t exist. Coco Gallery offers artwork that speaks to you.

We all want beautiful artwork to adorn our walls. It is how we set a tone. A bright bold canvas can energize a room, making it ideal for socializing. A subdued pastel landscape might be more suitable for a bedroom and encourage relaxation. The right piece is essential to completing a space, but sometimes the right piece doesn’t exist.  Custom art can help.

Custom artwork sounds like an activity for a Rockefeller. Even those with the desire to purchase original art might not know how to begin. The gallery world can feel daunting and exclusive, and finding an artist to work with on your own is unrealistic.

Vani Krishnamurthy and her company CoCo Gallery is changing this. They work with over 150 artists and match them with people looking to commission a work. Perhaps you have a blank wall above your couch and want a large, bright statement piece, or perhaps you want to commemorate your marriage with a painting of the place you got engaged. A CoCo Gallery consultant gets a sense of what the client is looking for and identifies several artists in their database that might be suitable. Every artist they work with undergoes a vetting process to ensure the quality of their work. After reviewing recommended artists’ portfolios, the client selects one and the work begins.



Artwork can be extravagant, but it doesn’t have to be. While some CoCo Gallery patrons spend up to $15,000 on a work, others invest just a few hundred dollars. Price, intent, and timeline are all specified in a contract ahead of time, protecting both parties. Typically, execution takes anywhere between four to six weeks, and along the way, CoCo Gallery arranges check-ins so the client can give feedback. This ensures a happy outcome for both parties.

For people considering custom artwork for their home, Krishnamurthy suggests they first ask themselves three questions:


  • Do they want to lead with the art and let it make a statement or should it sink into the background?
  • Do they want the art to be personal or a part of the decor?
  • What is the feeling they want the room to have? Is it an intimate space or a place for entertaining?


These questions can inform the style, color, and subject of a work. If a client wants more guidance, CoCo Gallery offers in-home consultations to help identify aesthetic parameters, size, and location for the piece.

Commissioning art is a way to personalize your home. It is a way to infuse it with your vision and incorporate something meaningful to you. It is also accessible thanks to companies like CoCo Gallery.